Brian Brewer, art director

Brian Brewer

Art Director-Web

“It’s rare that I ever meet a musician who doesn’t agree that music is a language. But it’s very rare to meet a musician that really treats it like one”

Victor Wooten

Those who are both visual artists and musicians find that skills learned for one often apply to the other. Victor Wooten’s approach to music as a language is a good example. The job of a designer is not just to make clients look good, but to speak through a visual language that helps the customer understand content and establishes a feel that is appropriate to the brand.  This quote is a reminder never to fall in to the category of the designer who forgets to achieve this in his work.

Brian began working as a graphic designer on a contract basis with Coobo Media in April 2012. His contribution to our creative product, including his work on, and many others, has helped shape the firm’s overall portfolio. A graduate of Oklahoma Christian University with a degree in Graphic Design.